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Bloxom Winery welcomes you

Welcome to the pages of a newly opened Bloxom Winery near the town of Ravenridge, in the greate state of Oregon. Bloxom Winery has officially opened its doors for the first time in the year of 2020, January 12th. Started by a husband and wife team, Tim and Gail Bloxom, Bloxom Winery stretches on 150 acres of fertile land which produces both white and red varieties of grapes under the fine Oregon sun. Our little winery is our life’s dream. After finishing college, working hard for 20 years, traveling the world twice over, we decided it was time for an early retirement and a quiet life. We still travel from time to time. Last summer we took a trip to Croatia and the highlight of our trip was the Blue Cave day trip from Split, which we definitely recommend. There are many other cool places to see in Croatia, for an example beautiful Blue Lagoon. A friend of ours recommended it as must have place to visit, and we really have to agree with him. It’s one of the most beautiful coasts out there and the see is crystal clear. What a sight.

Travelling is very important for us, because we believe that by travelling, seeing new places, cultures, meeting new people, one becomes a better person. In the town that we visited in Croatia we thought that we would be bored out of our minds at first. But after meeting with our AirBnB host family, talking with them, we discovered that there are a lot of interesting things to do in Split Croatia, you can read more about it here. Even though travelling is an important aspect of our lives, once you’ve been doing it for the past 20 years, regardless if its for business or pleasure, you sort of wish to settle down in one place. See how both me and my husbands dream was to have a little winery under our name, we’ve decided that we’d start one and purchased a plot of land in Oregon.

The birth of the Bloxom Winery

Bloxom Winery is named after us. We sadly didn’t have children, so by naming this winery after ourselves we are effectively making it our legacy, something for us to leave behind and for future generations to know that we were here. We bought this land at the end of 2018 actually, in November 2018, and drove up here in one of those dapper camper vans. Immediately we started planning, drawing out plots and clearing the area where our main house now resides.


We’re really proud to say that for the most part we’ve built the house we now live in with our own two hands. Actual winery was built largely by professionals, but even there we’ve helped. At the same time that we built our house, we also started working on our vineyard. Now the reason why we bought this land is because there was vineyard planted here already. Around 75 aces of a bunch of white grape varieties grew here. True they weren’t kept in check for the past 2 years, as the previous owners weren’t around to take care of it anymore. But we brought it back to life, and this year we’re actually hoping to have our first harvest. At least as far as white varieties of grapes goes. For the red ones, we purchased an additional plot of land, 70 acres and just planted a new vineyard. It’ll be a while before we have our first harvest from it.

What can you expect from our winery?

Good wine



Well this one you can expect this fall, as we haven’t technically started producing wines just yet. We did have a partially successful harvest last year, in the fall of 2019. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, all the wine that we produced back is already gone. It was really tasty. But yeah, in theory, if everything goes according to plan, expect a selection of 6 white vine varieties and again, in a year or two, another 4 red vine varieties.



We worked hard to make sure that our winery can also serve food, things like pizza, mini rolls, snack sandwiches, and we are very proud to say that we make the very best pizza out of all the wineries on the western coast. Mainly because not a lot of them actually prepare and offer pizza. We really like pizza and after thinking that could make our little winery stand out amongst hundreds of others, what better choice than pizza.

Party hosting



This is another idea of ours basically, where we are still working out all the details. That being said, it’s in our plans to be able to host small parties. Goal is to be able to host groups of 15 to 20 people in the already built dining hall that extends from the main wine tasting area. Everything is ready to launch, we’re just waiting to resolve some licensing paperwork and we’re good to go.

How to find us and get in touch

Finding our small property isn’t that difficult. There’s a map down below. The exact address for your GPS navigations are as follows:


Bloxom Winery
871 Skinner Hollow Road
Bend, OR 97501


So as you can see from the address we are located near the town Bend in central part of Oregon. The exact location is off the coast of Davis Lake, in between Davis Lake and the Wickiup Reservoir. To get to us you have to get on to the route 97 and once you’re between La Pine and Three Rivers, turn on to Burgess Road.


Once you find yourself on the Burgess Road just keep driving straight until you start seeing signs for our winery. We are located in a remote plot of land near the borders of the La Pine State Park. It’s peaceful and quite. Perfect location if you want to get out of noisy San Francisco or L.A. Don’t get us wrong, we love noisy, and in our past life, we thrived in the hectic lifestyle of a large city. But you have to admit that it doesn’t hurt to unwind every now and then.

To get in touch with us quickly, use the contact form down below. This sends emails straight to our personal email address and it shouldn’t take long for us to answer you. To make a reservation though, it’s better that you go and visit the “Book us” page where we laid out in detail on the exact process for making a reservation at our winery. That’s about it for now. Hopefully you’ve heard enough and have decided to visit our little winery. Do drop by if you’re passing through.


All the best from Tim and Gail


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