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Get in touch

Getting in touch with us is pretty easy. We have our mailbox, phone, address (for the brave ones who want to come and visit us in person), email, and of course we have the contact form as well. My wife and I, we’re pretty much the entire Bloxom Winery team. There’s a few local teens that we hire during grape harvest, to help out. Other than that most of the year we’re the only living souls on the Bloxom Winery grounds. Everything is done by us and that means that we’re pretty busy.


What that means is that we are pretty busy and we don’t want to promise you that an answer to your inquiry will be arriving in your mailbox straight away the next day. It might take a few days, it might be just a couple of hours. In a weeks time we’ll get in touch with you for sure.


Other wineries that would like to cooperate with us are welcome to do so by sending their request using any of the aforementioned methods. We’re always open for any kind of cooperation, whether it’s just exchanging knowledge and experience, or if you want to take some of our seedlings. We’re pretty open for business on that front as well so shoot us up a message and we’ll talk.


    Bloxom Winery
    871 Skinner Hollow Road
    Bend, OR 97501

    Phone: 541-890-1384